Hyper Japan Festival O2 Arena - July 2015 -

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Congratulations and thanks should go to members of three local Bonsai Societies from the South East Region who staged this show on behalf of FoBBS. It was a sizeable display at 10 x 6 meters.

As a trader had to withdraw at the last minute, changes had to made to the design and more trees were added to the stand together with a demonstration area

Working on trees proved very productive and there was a lot more interaction with the public. There were of course all the inevitable questions about the age of the tree, and where to obtain ‘ Bonsai seed’, and how long do you leave the wire on? But the quote of the weekend was:- “There are no leaves on the middle Bonsai.”

Answer: “No, that is because it is a stone”. A ‘suiseki ‘ would have left them more confused.

Peter Liess, the organiser of this exhibition from Sussex Bonsai, would like to thank all those below for their hard work and long hours over the four days of the Show. They are sure that as a result a lot of people learned rather more about bonsai but I think all had a lot off enjoyment from the show.


Mark and Ming Moreland from Middlesex Bonsai dress for the part


Chris Durne (Bonsai Kai), Mark & Ming (Moreland Middlesex Society), Glenda Liess and Ray Brunston, (Sussex Bonsai Group)