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FoBBS was very pleased that Mark and Ming Moreland allowed us to hold the British heat of the Open New Talent Competition at The Heathrow Bonsai Show on Sunday20 October.

There were five candidates:

Matthew Griffiths

Miroslav Kolar

Adrian Long

Nathan Oswin

Richie Liz Sabino

All had been recommended by Clubs they belonged to or had shown us a gallery of their own trees.

This is I believe the first time in the history of the competition that we have had a competitor who is an upper arm amputee. Adrian Long was recommended by Clifford Manville of Kent Bonsai Club. Adrian recognized the advice and encouragement from the club had got him to this level.

The competitors entered into a ballot to choose the tree for them to work on. The trees were junipers all of similar size and shape. The candidates worked for three hours and created five very credible potential bonsai. The competitors were then asked to leave the hall. The trees were labelled again by their letters and our judges were invited in to deliberate. The judges on this occasion were Christopher Durne and Barry Walker.

We invited the competitors back and the result was announced. The winner was Miroslav Kolar, second place to Richie Liz Sabino and third place to Matthew Griffiths. The judges then talked through each tree and and gave some advice.

I would again like to thank Mark and Ming for the excellent organization. I must thank the five competitors for putting their heads above the parapet, and last but not least our judges Christopher Durne and Barry Walker.

Peter Fielding FoBBS NTC coordinator