The Insurance Benefit of FoBBS Membership

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Peter Fielding, the FoBBS New Talent Coordinator was asked to put a few words together extolling the value of the Public Liability Insurance offered to clubs along with their FoBBS membership.

It is strongly advised that clubs have this cover. The hall or community centre where meetings are held can ask to see it, and if you put on shows you will, most certainly, be asked to produce your Cover of Insurance.

For the past few years FoBBS membership has been set at £25.00, the Insurance premium being held at £48.00.

Because of Covid 19, FoBBS negotiated with the NFU and received a refund, this has been passed on to renewing members reducing the premium to £32.00.

As a musician I hold insurance through “The Incorporated Society of Musicians” at a cost of £89.00 per year and I believe that insurance with the Royal Horticultural Society is around £200.00 per year, so again I would point out that £48.00 is good value but this years premium of £32.00 is excellent value.