P E T E R     A D A M S

Peter Adams

It is with considerable sadness and regret that we learn of the sudden and unexpected death of one of Britain’s greatest bonsai talents,  Peter Adams, who died peacefully on Sunday, 24th November 2014.

As many are aware, Peter had been quite poorly for some weeks in hospital, but it was only recently that his wife Kate commented that he had made a good recovery and that they would have been returning home to the United States on Monday, 2nd December.

For those of us who come into bonsai during the 1970’s onwards, Peter was seen as an exceptional talent, and many have developed their knowledge and skills in bonsai due very much to his teaching. An author of many books on the subject, more recently, he had been a regular contributor to ‘Bonsai Focus’, where he drew on both his expertise in bonsai and his artistic talent in analysing raw material and sketching out possible style options.

A man with a unique talent and a sad loss to the world of bonsai.