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FoBBS Committee & Contact Details
David Cheshire             Chairman                    
                                      Bonsai News Editor    
Judith Davison              Secretary                    
Denise Baum-Pick        Company Secretary
Mark Moreland              Diary Collator             
Ming Chen Moreland     Information Coordinator
Peter Fielding                New Talent Coordinator
Reg Bolton                    Honorary Member      
Barry Walker                 FNBC Chairman         
Dr Malcolm Hughes      Honorary Member                 EBA & WBFF Representative
Kath Hughes                 Honorary Member
                                      Administrator (ex-officio)
Keith Wilson                  Speakers Information   
Nigel Wright                   Web Master (ex-officio)
David Cheshire FoBBS Chairman and Bonsai News Editor.
Welcome to the 23rd edition of FoBBS Bonsai News and the first since I became chairman of FoBBS, With every issue we receive more and more information for inclusion and I hope that this is a sign that we are increasing our readership and engaging with a much larger audience. Hopefully over the coming months and years we can join the forces of the many fabulous societies and individual bonsai enthusiast across the whole of Britain and see an ever increasing interest in the art of Bonsai and an increase in  successful events across the United Kingdom.
Its hard to stay positive when volunteering for an organisation like FoBBS criticism is always about but very rarely do people volunteer to help but those that do find they can get involved on every level. All of FoBBS committee members and helpers at shows, exhibitions, maintenance and management of the national collection is done by volunteers, individuals and society members from across the UK. 
We are always looking for new people with enthusiasm to get involved, and we would like to see more representation from societies across the country,  If you feel you can help in anyway we are keen that you can get involved.
We are in need of people who can help with the newsletter, and regional representatives, among many other areas so please do get in touch if you can spare the time to help.
I have always seen the bonsai world as a very friendly and welcoming crowd, one where you are made welcome at any club meetings or events and are encouraged to enjoy and develop your bonsai skills, It would be great to see the interest in bonsai grow in the UK and achieve a level of quality and ability to rival any other country in the world,

Bonsai should be a pleasure, an enjoyable pastime that we can all share and enjoy.

We welcome letters and correspondents relating to your opinions,  to bonsai shows or events. Please send them to
Visit the FoBBS website
Chelsea Flower Show May 2018
For the first time for many years the Chelsea Display was not staged by Reg Bolton and his team, Reg has not enjoyed good health recently and he feels that it was the right time to step back and let younger enthusiasts with fresh ideas take over. Fobbs gives their fervent thanks to Reg and his team for great success, great credit for FoBBS involving a great deal of hard work.
The new team taking over are led by Chris Durne, with Chelsea experience learned at Bonsai Kai and Tony McKenzie from Sussex and Crawley. They come with new ideas and a different choice of trees. They started planning early and their work has payed off with a Gold Award at the first attempt – well gone to the team, congratulations.
Chelsea Judging is very precise; the team of judges led by Bonsai specialists have a very detailed set of criteria to work to. Chelsea is the most prestigious Horticultural Show in this country and possibly worldwide and they have very specific standards to maintain.
It is not as some suggest a random choice by non-experts; it is a very thorough and carefully thought out set of criteria with very specific requirements to satisfy. There are a number of sections that must be met. It is all divide into 3 sections, Plants, Overall Impression and Endeavour being the categories with an overall total of 4 possible points in each section. The arithmetic being done gives you a possible total of 12 points. On this occasion FoBBS obtained the maximum of  12 points for a perfect display. Well done!
(I make available to anyone interested the judging criteria sheet given to the judges at each RHS Show – if you satisfy all these many requirements you have a very good display – if you would like a copy contact me on   Kath Hughes
The Bonsai Exhibits this year were:-
FOBBS with a 12 point Gold
Derbyshire Bonsai with a 12 point Gold
Mendip Bonsai  with an 11 point Gold
Middlesex Bonsai

It is with great sadness that the members of the Middlesex Bonsai Society wish to inform all those who knew him, of the passing of Roger Gibbs on Sunday 6th May 2018.
Roger was well loved as he gave so much of himself to the craft of Bonsai over many years and in particular to the development of our Club, being its Chairman from 2002-18 and also its treasurer from 2006-18.
He shared his knowledge of Bonsai techniques with us at Club evenings, instigated week-end workshops with experts in the field and arranged licensed digs.
In the latter years, Roger through his attendance and support of Bonsai Shows throughout the South and West of England was able to entice a wider circle of Speakers to our Club Nights in addition to our regulars.
Roger was one of the leading lights in the organisation of the Club’s Annual Show, exhibiting many of his excellent trees.
High on Roger’s other interests were Scouting and being a Governor of a local School.
He will be sorely missed by all who enjoyed the pleasure of his company, especially during this the 40th year of the Club’s existence
In Memory Of ROGER GIBBS  Middlesex Bonsai Society
The Late Roger Gibbs Bonsai Auction
Saturday, 7th July 2018
Laurance Haines School,
Vicarage Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 0DD.
10.00am - 3.00pm
Further details of The Late Roger Gibbs Bonsai Auction.
Copyright issues.....
It has come to my attention that someone in the bonsai world is selling scrolls that appear to be by Paul Goff. They are re-using art boards signed by Paul but covering the original illustration with a cut-out image which is not painted by Paul. They may be doing this in all innocence but it is an infringement of copyright and misleading. As keeper of Paul's work, I take this very seriously.

It has recently been brought to the attention of the FoBBS committee that it is possible that someone has been copying, or faking scrolls produced by the late Paul Goff. Anyone purchasing scrolls must be aware that although they may have purchased a scroll produced by an individual artist, they do not own the copyright of the artwork, this would remain with the creator or the creators family or someone to whom they may have sold the rights to.
Copyright is a very difficult issue but the following information may help people.

Copyright gives recognition and legal rights to works produced by artists, designers, authors and more, ensuring they receive full credit and payment for their work. Copyright essentially acts as a legal tool to prevent plagiarism and theft of written works. Individuals and firms, including artists, software developers and software companies, publishing agencies and marketing firms rely on copyright protection to receive credit and pay for work, which helps them stay in business and creates broader economic benefits.
Copyright laws protect goods considered tangible items. Legal protection takes effect upon release of materials and products into the public domain. Copyright protection, like warranties and insurance, protects items for certain periods of time. Most afford protection for long periods of time, such as 70 to more than 100 years after creation.

This means that a scroll produced by Paul Goff including his signature on a mount or any part that includes artistic design is subject to copyright.
It has come to my attention that many societies are in a panic about GDPR. I have decided to put your minds at rest.

Firstly GDPR is designed to stop unsolicited e-mails being sent to you when you do not want or require them.

1. Part of the GDPR regulations states that contacts with a "legitimate interest" can continue to be contacted without getting additional permission, this also includes customers who purchased a product from a company, they can be emailed as the customer has a legitimate interest in that companies products.

2. The requirement for companies and societies is that if you send out an email newsletter or similar, is that it has a method in which a person can opt out of receiving further emails. It could just state "Please reply to this email requesting to be removed from our mailing list"

3. Information can be sent to members of a society or organisation under "legitimate interest" as the person has given your organisation permission to contact them by giving you there email when they joined.

4. Organisations will be required to have a designated data protection officer responsible for ensuring any members data is kept safe and not made available to any third party. Contact data must only be accessible to those who legitimately need if for the running of the club / society.

5. Data protection laws already in place must continue to be observed for example, when distributing information. Those contact details of other members are kept private by only sending emails, using the BCC box (Blind Carbon Copy) when entering email address. Emails sent within management or committees can still be sent using the To or CC boxes. The data protection laws governing this have been in place for a number of years.

David Cheshire
Annual Show of Surrey Heath Bonsai Society.
On Sunday 13th May Surrey Heath Bonsai Society held their Annual Show at their club-house in Pirbright.
22 members attended to help set-up and run the day bringing along 73 trees to go on the display tables.

100 visitors attended the show and all voted for their 3 favourite trees.
The “Peter Will Best Tree in Show” trophy was won jointly by Adrian Swallow with his Deshojo Maple and Liam Newland with his Kishu Juniper.
Marilyn Lock was 2nd with a beautiful Wisteria and Roger Raymond 3rd with his Maple.

All in all another very successful show which was enjoyed by all.

Chris Rhodes
Surrey Heath Bonsai Society.
EXPOBONSAI UK 2018 Show report
For some years now the UK has had a number of bonsai shows catering to club members and a small number of individuals but what we have been lacking has been a show dedicated solely to the individual enthusiast. The successful Bonsai Europa in the north proved that it could work but things were lacking in the south. A small group of enthusiasts decided that they were willing to see if they could be successful in giving those individuals what they wanted.
Steve Hale of ‘The Splinter Group’ along with the already successful Heathrow Bonsai Show team spent a year in organising what they hoped would be the answer. Steve took in hand the selection of trees from all areas of the country and the Heathrow team led by Mark & MingChen Moreland along with Brian Wallin provided a venue that would work but more importantly an ability to organise the physical aspects and fluid organisation involved in such a major task. Regular meetings and many hours spent chasing down both trees and traders finally brought us to the event on April 8th at a sports hall complex near Heathrow Airport.
On the day over a hundred trees along with 31 traders assembled into the complex and started the morning with a welcomed breakfast butty provided by the team. The emphasis in the tree selection process was placed on the need for exhibitors to display in an appropriate manner rather than just place them on the tables and the exhibitors did not disappoint. Display was welcomed at any level from traditional Japanese style right through to abstract and the show tables did just that. To further the incentive to do their best the displays were judged in 6 classes and trophies provided by 6 professionals but judged by a 7 man team of amateurs. Along with annual shields hand made trophies were also presented having been made by Esther Griffiths and Graham Jenkins.
Trees had been selected with diversity in mind along with quality and this proved a great success. The slow British spring weather had caused issues with some trees but willing reserves were able to jump in and display at short notice. Flowers had been especially slow this year but let’s face it, in Japan the appearance of a bud about to burst is valued as much as we value a full flower. There were however 3 wisteria in bloom which came as a huge surprise and was proof of the owner’s abilities in that field.
The quality of trees on show was superb and varieties covered the entire spectrum of sizes. Everything from native collected blackthorn through to old imported Japanese maples filled the hall with something for every taste. In the trade areas the entire spectrum of bonsai products was covered. Trees at all levels and qualities along with pretty much every British potter along with all other goods meant that many left the halls with full shopping bags.
So, was it a success? The best display in show was chosen to be John Pitt’s stunning blackthorn which simply gets better and better. Feedback generally has been superb with many having already registered their interest in submitting a display at the next show on April 7th. 2019. If you have an interest in submitting a display you can register your interest at . A small amount of fine tuning will take place but essentially the formula worked and exhibitors and public alike were happy. May that continue!


Expobonsai 2018

Expobonsai 2018

Runner up: Steve McKee.
Expobonsai 2018

Expobonsai 2018

Runner up: Dean Morgan.
Expobonsai 2018

Expobonsai 2018

Runner up: Mark & Ritta Cooper.
Expobonsai 2018

BEST ACCENT PLANTING Runner up: Andy Jordan.
Expobonsai 2018

Expobonsai 2018

Runner up: Ian Cuppleditch.

A huge thanks to the sponsors for their support in this.
Expobonsai 2018
ARCO, ITALY: 4th – 6th May, 2018  Kath Hughes.

Arco, a delightful small town in Northern Italy, close to the shores of Lake Garda, is located in a mountainous area of great natural beauty, well known to tourists and climbers alike. On this occasion, it hosted the annual European Bonsai Association (E.B.A.) Congress in conjunction with the Italian “Unione Bonsai Italiani” (U.B.I.) and the European Suiseki Association (E.S.A.).
On that weekend around twenty British arrived here from all parts of the U.K. The weather was delightfully warm and everyone was prepared for an excellent bonsai weekend. There were some 75 traders covering all aspects of bonsai and accessories together with other horticultural and floral areas, displayed in rows, either on the extensive veranda or under square white gazebos placed around the ornamental gardens of the 19th Century Municipal Casino in the centre of Arco. Heavy mountain rains on the Saturday morning made
this a strange sight as umbrella-carrying enthusiasts shopped around, undeterred by the sudden storm.
Within the Casino itself, three halls were given over to an extensive exhibition of quite extraordinary bonsai of a quality rarely seen in the U.K. all but for a very few were immaculately prepared and displayed with quality stands and accent plants. I know the Italians have a better climate for growing their bonsai but they have excelled themselves in terms of the preparation and display of their trees, attaining a standard that compared well with bonsai normally seen in Japan. Congratulations to U.B.I. regarding the standard of their exhibition. Although the majority of the bonsai displayed were from the Italian societies, there were also a number of specimens, again of a very good standard, displayed from other European countries that were members of E.B.A.
On the other hand, for a country with such a range of quality stones, the suiseki display was small compared to such displays seen in the past. Amnon Paldi of the Chiltern Bonsai Society had one of the stones on display, for which he received an award.
The Friday afternoon saw the Opening Ceremony taking place. Among those present were Marc Noelanders, President of E.B.A., Gabriele Sbariani, on behalf of the organising body U.B.I. together with other dignitaries.
The next two days were spent enjoying the exhibitions, regretting in one instance the poor lighting and visualising long hours of photo enhancing before being able to present images of the exhibition trees to my local bonsai society. One morning included watching fourteen competitors struggling with their trees in the E.B.A. New Talent Contest Final; looking longingly at the amazing potensai and trained trees at very acceptable prices in the trade areas – bitterly regretting Ryanair and their regulations with regard to baggage; it would cost as much to put a 20kg suitcase in the hold  one way than the price of a return ticket! So, no purchases! Enjoyable lunches in the bar or on the veranda; time spent watching Hotsumi Terakawa demonstrating on a large juniper – immaculate work and quickly carried out. Hotumi is now a world-renown bonsai master, teacher and demonstrator. Malcolm and I have fond memories dating back to 1987 when we first brought this very young and new demonstrator, freshly out of Japan, accompanied by his equally young, delightful English-speaking Dutch-Japanese girlfriend, Hannako Lodder to the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham for the first E.B.A. Convention to be held in the U.K. Now, 30 years later, he is an experienced demonstrator with more than adequate English, a wife and two sons, sharing his time between two homes, one in Japan and the second near Amsterdam.
After two intense days of bonsai, the evenings were split – first the Friday evening with a welcome dinner on the ferry boat “Bescia” sailing on Lake Garda where the food was excellent and the wine freely flowing – a very good evening.
The Saturday evening was classed as a banquet but not in the form many would recognise. It was under cover in a large marquee pavilion set out at the Arco Tennis Club. Some 400 guests were seated on benches at trestle tables. Beer (not wine) was freely available whilst the food comprised some unidentifiable meat with fried mashed potato and shredded cabbage doused in olive oil – a strange fare for a banquet. The Italians present obviously did not arrive with our expectations as they came prepared with large quantities of salami, other  Italian sausages, Parma ham, and a range of assorted cheeses which they then generously shared with their unsuspecting non-Italian guests; it was an experience unsurpassed in my many years of bonsai travel – it really lightened up the evening.
The evening ended with presentation of awards, various long speeches (no change there), music and dancing and the consuming of large amounts of beer with the resulting induced joviality. There were, I suspect, a few hangovers the next day.
Next years’ EBA Congress is to be held in Albi, about one hours drive  from Toulouse, France. May 10th -12th.
Kath Hughes.

Expo Bonsai Uk

7th April 2019

At Harlington Sports Centre,

Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middlesex. UB3 1PB.

Adm: £5. Times: 1000-1600.hrs.

General Information Contact:

Mark Moreland 07850.771201

Tree Submissions Contact:

Steve Hale (Close Off 31Dec18)

The show will contain a fresh selection of top trees.

UK FoBBS Member Societies
Accrington & District Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Tues 7.30pm start.
Hippings Vale Community Centre, Oswaldtwistle, Lancs
Contact: Pauline Smith (Secretary)

Aka Matsu School of Bonsai
Meetings - 1st Thur 7.15pm start.
Seaton Community Centre, Seaton, Seaham, Co Durham
Contact: Jim Butterworth
Tel: 01642 713782

Ambion Bonsai Club
Meetings - last Thurs 7.30pm start. except June & December.
Hatters Space, Upper Abbey Street, Nuneaton, CV11 5DN
Contact: Wendy Curtis
Tel: 02476 368308

Ashfield Bonsai Club
Meetings - 1st & 3rd Thur 7.30pm start.
St Michaels & All Saints Church Hall, The Rectory Gardens,
South Normanton.

Bedfordshire Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Wednesday, 7.30pm start.
Meetings March - October
Toddington Village Hall, Toddington, Beds, LU5 6AN
Contact: John Trinder Tel: 07860 682161
Contact: Richard Gaiger Tel: 07745 507318

Berkshire Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Wed
Barkham Village Hall
Contact: Tania Clentworth
Tel: 07817 418708

Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group
Meetings - 2nd Friday
New Rememberance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0PL

Bridgend Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Tue 7:00pm start.
The Church Hall, Pyle Road, Pyle,
Bridgend. CF33 6PG
Contact: Gwyneth Vincent
Tel: 01656 745087

Bury St. Edmunds & Cambridge Bonsai Club
Meetings - 3rd Mon 7:30 pm start. except December
Morton Hall Community Centre, Symonds Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7EW
Contact: Andrew Ryland
Tel: 07769 184075

Cardiff Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Tue
Christchurch Scout Hall, Roath Park,
Cardiff CF23 5QN
Contact: Anne Campbell
Tel: 02920 484892

Cheshire Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Mon, 7.45pm start
Little Budworth Village Hall, Booth Avenue, Little Budworth
Contact: Elizabeth Scott

Chichester & District Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Thur 7.30pm start
The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way, St. Pancras,
Chichester, West Sussex. PO19 7LG.
Contact: Martyn Collinson
Tel: 01243 785356

Chiltern Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Mon 7.45pm start.
Hazlemere C of E School Amersham Rd High Wycombe
Contact: Mike Pegg
Tel: 07887 952611

Crawley Horticultural Society Bonsai Club
Meetings - 3rd Thur 8.00pm start.
CH Society Hall, Ifield Avenue, West Green, Crawley,
Contact: Pam Reed
Tel: 01293 420975

Dai-ichi Bonsai Club
Meetings - 1st Mon except Jan
Shenfield, Parish Hall, Hutton Road , Essex
Contact: Mr Tim Johnson
Tel: 01277 217718

Derby & District Bonsai Society
Meetings - last Wed except Dec
Grange Hall Community Centre, Park Lane, Littleover
Contact: Lin Young
Tel: 01159 727141

Dragon Bonsai Society
Meetings - Each Sunday 10 am till 4pm
Bonllwyn Aquatic & Garden Centre.
120 LLandybie Road, Ammanford, SA18 2EE
Contact: Peter Parsons
Tel: 01792 872201

Durham Tees Valley Bonsai Club
3rd Tuesday, monthly (excluding August) at 7.15pm in the Youth Extension
St. Mary’s Church Hall, Norton Green, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, TS20 1DT
Contact: Neil Crawford
Tel: 01642 763720 Mobile: 07859 013690

Eastbourne & Wealden Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Mon 7:30pm
St Mary’s Church Hall, Decoy Drive, Hampden Park,
Eastbourne, BN22 9PP
Contact: Brian Dale
Tel: 01323 731369

Fenland Bonsai Club
Meetings - 3rd Friday of the Month
Newton Village Hall, Church Lane, Newton, Cambs,
PE13 5HF
Contact: Dennis Rudd
Tel: 07340 534186

Friends of Bonsai Northern Ireland
Meetings - 1st Saturday of every month 10am-1pm
George Green Hall, Rathgill Parade, Bangor, Co Down
Contact: Jean Macintyre
Tel: 02891 273892

Glynderi Bonsai Group
Meetings - 2nd & 4th Friday 7.00pm
Oakdale Community Centre, Penrhiw Avenue , Oakdale, Blackwood, Gwent NP12 0NH
Contact: Keith Wilson
Tel: 01495 224301

Heart of England Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Tues
Cubbington Village Hall, Broadway
Contact: Marion Disbery
Tel: 01676 534944

Ipswich Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd. Friday
Kesgrave Community Hall, Kesgrave, Nr. Ipswich
Contact: Gill Milbourne
Tel: 01473 742880

Kent Bonsai Club
Meetings - 2nd Weds 7.30pm
Rough Common Village,Rough Common Canterbury, Kent . CT2 9BS
Contact: Adrian Long
Tel: 07710615861

Leicestershire Bonsai Society
Meetings - Last Tues.7.30 pm
Wigston Primary School, Meadow Way, Wigston, Leics.
Contact: Mike Konig
Tel: 07568 503361

Maidstone Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st. Monday
Madginford Hall, Egremont Rd, Bearsted, Kent, ME15 8LH
Contact: Tom Butterworth
Tel: 01622 741888

Middlesex Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Tuesday 7.30pm start.
South Harrow Methodist Church, Walton Avenue, South
Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 8QU
Contact: Roger Gibbs

Midland Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Thur 7.30pm start
Moseley Cricket Club, Streetsbrook Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 3PE
Contact: Richard Gilkes
Tel: 07803 593024

Milton Keynes Bonsai Society
Meetings - 7:30 pm, 2nd Monday except Jan and Aug
Reform Synagogue Hall, 1 Hainault Drive, Giffard Park, Milton Keynes, MK14 5PQ
Contact: Mrs. Anne Robinson
Tel: 01908 631109

National Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Tuesday each Month 7:30pm
Church Hall of St. George’s United Reform Church
Lord Street, Southport, PR9 0NP
Contact: Stephen Holland
Tel: 01519 338757

Newbury & District Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Wednesday except Jan
Speen Parish Hall, Speen Lane, Newbury
Contact: Dave Cleveland,
Tel: 0118 9833188

Norfolk Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 pm
Postwick Village Hall, Ferry Lane
Postwick, Norfolk, NR13 5HL
Contact: Richard Marjoram,
Tel: 01502 581414

North London Bonsai Group
Meetings - 2nd Tuesday 7.30pm, most months
Capel Manor College, EN1 4RQ
Contact: Bill Hallworth
Tel: 0208 524 6320

North Staffs & Stoke Bonsai Group
Meetings - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30 p.m
Temple Street Methodist Church Hall,
Temple Street, Fenton, STOKE-ON-TRENT,
ST4 4NW.
Contact: Nigel Manning
Tel: 07426 441 211

Northern Ireland Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Friday
Cregagh Library, 413 Cregagh Road , Belfast
Contact: Kristofer Stoker
Tel: 07835 951566

Northamptonshire Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Thursday of the month 19:00 to 22:00
Weston Favell Parish Hall, Booth Lane South,
Northampton, NN3 3NS
Contact: Martin Gregory
Tel: 01604 407265

North West Kent Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd. Friday
Whiteoaks Indoor Bowling Centre, Garrolds Close, Swanley, Kent
Contact: Peter Mitchell
Tel: 01502 663076

Phoenix Bonsai Group
Meetings - By invitation only
Contact: Allan Tolley
Tel: 07709 256118

Redditch Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Thursday
Webheath Village Hall, Heathfield Road, Webheath, Redditch, B97 5SQ
Contact: Richard Gilkes
Tel: 07803 593024

Salisbury Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Monday 7.45pm start.
Laverstock Village Hall

Shropshire Bonsai Society
Meetings - 4th Tuesday 7:30-10pm
St Giles Church Hall, Springfield Estate, Shrewsbury,
Contact: Karen Scurry
Tel: 01743 236737

Solent Bonsai Society
Meetings - Last Friday 7:30 pm
Wallington Village Hall, Broadcut, Fareham, Hants (Nr
Contact: Keith Hartley
Tel: 02392 640985

Southend Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Thursday 7.00pm - 10:00pm
Hullbridge Community Centre, Pooles Lane, Hullbridge, Hockley, Southend, SS5 6PA
Contact: Alison Wheatley
Tel: 01702 826599

South Staffs Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Tuesday
Walmley Community Hall, Crawford Road, B76 1NP
Meetings in the form of workshops with occasional speakers; beginners welcome.

South Worcester Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Tuesday 7.30pm start.
Clains British Legion, Cornmeadow Lane, Worcester.
Tel: 07761 440078

South Yorkshire Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Monday 7.30pm start.
The LTC Building, Whirlow Hall Farm, Whirlow Lane, Sheffield, S11 9GF
Tel: 01142 888027

Stourbridge Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Sunday Jan - Nov.
Bonded Warehouse, Stourbridge, DY8 4LU
New Members welcome.
Contact: Rod White 

Surrey Heath Bonsai Society
Meetings - 1st Tuesday 7.30pm start
Pirbright Village Hall, The Green, Pirbright, Surrey, GU24 0JE

Sussex Bonsai Group
Meetings - 4th Wed 8.00pm start.
Wivelsfield Village Hall, Wivelsfield, RH17 7QH

Sutton Bonsai Society
Meetings - Last Thursday of the month
4th.Ewell Scout Hall
Contact: Daryn Grossmith
Tel: 07789 995746

Swindon and District Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Tuesday ex Dec. 7.30 start.
Coleview Community Centre, Towcester Road, Swindon,
Wiltshire, SN3 4AS
Tel: 07982 401103

Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club
2nd Wednesday of the month
United Reformed Church, Paul Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3PF
Contact: Michael Cooper
Tel: 01458 210796 

Tees Valley Bonsai Society
Meetings - 3rd Tuesday, excluding August at 7.15pm in the Youth Extension.
St. Mary’s Church Hall, Norton Green, Norton, STOCKTON-ON-TEES, TS20 1DT
Contact: Graham Walker
Tel: 01287 637734

Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Sunday
Level Lane Community Centre, Level Lane, Hawarden, CH5 3SB
Contact: Mark,
Tel: 07500 005337

Warminster Bonsai Club
Meetings - 3rd Thursday 7.45pm start.
Christ Church Hall, Upper Marsh Road, Warminster,
Wiltshire, BA12 9PJ

Wessex Bonsai Society
Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30 followed by
4th Sunday morning of the month
Kinson Community Centre, Millhams Road, Kinson,
Bournemouth, BH10 7LH
Contact: Julie Collins
Tel: 07870 114760

Wirral Bonsai Society
2nd Wednesday of each month.
R.A.F.A. Club 
Alton Road, Oxton, Birkenhead.
Contact: Arthur Roche
Tel: 07546 466888
Website: Wirral Bonsai Blog

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Fourteen contestants took part in this annual competition, they had previously been selected in heats in their respective countries. Bill Hallworth of The North London Bonsai Group was selected at Capel Manor.
The competition started at 9.00am and they were allowed four hours to work their trees. All the trees were junipers of similar size and quality, about 18 inches in height with healthy and luxuriant foliage.
Three examples.
They worked, supervised, for four hours in a well-lit room with a small but constantly changing audience.
At the end of four hours everyone, competitors included left and the judges descended. Each country competing had a judge representing their country. They worked with judging sheets and all should have been completely anonymous. Unfortunately one of the officials ‘forgot’ to remove the names of the competitors countries so anonymity was not achieved  - we just have to hope no judges were biased in their opinions. Malcolm Hughes judge for the UK felt that although the error was serious,  but  that the judged results did not suffer and that the correct tree was chosen as the winner.
First – Netherlands Michal Morky
Second Slovenia    Aleš Zavodnik
Third - Italy           Filippo Mazzoni
A selection of the remaining unplaced entries
Bonsai Shows & Exhibitions
We have two events and show listings distributed in the UK at present.

The FoBBS events diary.
This is listed below, its for UK events only and lists all society shows and other bonsai events that we get informed about.  We as volunteers do our best to ensure that this is kept up to date with information when it is sent in. All events even non member society events can be listed.  Member societies get the option to add more information and details and will be given space for a write up after the event.  If your society has a poster that can be sent in to us promoting the event this will be included.

The WBFF Diary.
This diary is nothing to do with FoBBS however we work closely with WBFF and Kath Hughes who is currently the compiler for this diary.  This diary is for world events and only lists events that are considered of interest to a world wide audience. What is included in this listing is down to the committee of WBFF and not FoBBS, If you feel your show is of international interest you should email information to Kath Hughes.

If your event information is incorrect on the FoBBS events diary, please let us know so we can update it. If you have new information on society shows and events please contact the FoBBS Bonsai diary compiler Mark Moreland.

To add or change any details please contact
Mark Moreland
Tel: 07850 771201
25-28th May 2018
Greenwood 40th Anniversary Event
Ollerton, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8PR.
Entry: Free 1000-1700.hrs
Contact: Corin Tomlinson
Tel: 0115 9205757
Email: office&
28th May 2018
Accrington Bonsai Society - One Day Show -
Great Harwood Show

2nd - 3rd June
Wirral Bonsai Early Show
Port Sunlight Garden Centre,
The Causeway,
Port Sunlight
Wirral, CH62 5DY
Free Admission. Open Times 9.30-17.00 & 10.00-15.30
Contact: Andy Hardman 07513 953646

3rd June 
Chiltern Bonsai Show
Liston Hall, Chapel Street, Marlow,
Buckinghamshire. SL7 1DD.
Adm: £2  0930-1600.hrs
Contact: Amnon Paldi
Tel: 07801 183316
Bonsai displays by both Chiltern and other local clubs, as well as a display by the Bristish Suiseki Club. Sales of trees, books and pots, including speciality pots.
Workshop demonstrations by Harry Harrington.

3rd June 2018
Solent 40th Anniversary Bonsai Show
Wallington Village Hall, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8ST.
Contact: Keith Hartley
Tel: 02392 640985

9-10th June 2018
Mid-Herts Bonsai Club Show
Kingsbury Barn, Branch Road,
St Albans.. Hertfordshire. AL3 4SE.
Adm: Free 1100-1700.hrs
Contact: Geoff Conybeare
Tel: 07528 614826
10th June 2018 
Bonai South West Show.
The Pavilion, The Esplanade,
Exmouth.EX8 2AZ.
Adm: £2.50. 1000-1630.hrs
Contact: Brian Mackichan
Tel: 01392 437525

10th June 2018
Eastbourne & Wealden Bonsai Show
Herstmonceus Village Hall,  Herstmoncues,
East Sussex. BN27 4JX.
Adm: £2.50 1000-1600.hrs
Contact: Brian Dale
Tel: 01323 731369

10th June 2018
Midland Bonsai Society Show
Birmingham Botanical Gardens,
Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3TR
Adm:  as per garden admission.
Times: 10.30-16.00.hrs

10th June 2018
Southend Bonsai Society
Museum of Power, Hatfield Road, Langford, Essex, CM9 6QA
Adm:  TBA
Times: 10.00-16.00.hrs
Contact: Alison Wheatley
Tel: 01702 826599
14th-17th June 2018
BBC Gardeners World

17th June
Art of Bonsai South Wales
River Front Newport
Opp Friars Walk & Kingsway Shopping
Admission £3.00 Open Times: 10.00-16.00
Contact: Keith Wilson
Tel: 07866 426785

23rd June 2018
Manchester Bonsai Society Show
Lymm United Reformed Church
Brookside Road
Admission: Adults £3.00 Children £2.00
Open Times: 10.00-16.00 hrs

23rd & 24th June 2018
Accrington Bonsai Society Show
Haworth Art Gallery
Haworth Park
Accrington, BB5 2JS
Tel: 01254 233782

23rd & 24th June 2018
Bedfordshire Bonsai Society Show
Poplars Garden Centre, Harlington Road, Bedfordshire. LU5 6HE.
Contact: John Trinder
07860 682161

24th June 2018
Bristol Bonsai Show
Failand Village Hall, Oxhouse Lane,
Failand, BS8 3TS.
Adm:  Adults £4 Under 16s £2
Times: 1000-1630.hrs
Contact: Dan Barton 
Tel: 07914 806444

30th June 2018
Milton Keynes Bonsai & Ikebana Show
Milton Keynes Central Library,
555 Silbury Blvd, Milton Keynes, MK9 3HL
Adm: Free
Times: 10.00-15.00.hrs
Contact: Vendrice Garvin
Tel: 07868 732787
1st July 2018
Salisbury Bonsai  30th Anniversary Show
Salisbury Auction Centre, Netherhampton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP2 8RH.
Adm: £ tba,  Times: 1000-1700.hrs
Contact: Rita Molland
Tel: 01722 336401

7th July 2018
The Late Roger Gibbs Bonsai Auction.
Laurance Haines School
Vicarage Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 0DD
10.00am - 3.00pm
7-8th July 2018 
Chichester Bonsai Club Show
Manor Nursery, Pagham Road, Runcton,
Chichester. PO20 1LJ.
£ FREE  1000-1700 & 1000-1500.hrs
Contact: Frank Weaver
Tel: 01243 586195
8th July 2018
North London Bonsai Group Summer Show
Capel Manor, Bullsmoor Lane,
Enfield, Middlesex. EN1 4RQ.
Adm: £6 1000-1600.hrs
Contact: Ray Powell
Tel:07927 346294

18th-22nd July 2018
Cheshire Bonsai Society Display

RHS Tatton Flower Show
Contact: Elizabeth Scott

21st-22nd July 2018
Bonsai Shed Car Boot Sale
Wood Stock Lane North, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT6 5HN
Adm:  Free
Times: 08.30 - 16.00.hrs
Contact: Andy B
Tel: 07590 595538

29th July 2018
Staverton Bonsai Table Top Sale
39 Staverton
Wiltshire, BA14 6PA
Open Times: 10.00-16.00hrs
Contact: Chris Jefferys
Tel: 07954 820970

1st - 5th August 2018
Southend Bonsai Society
RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Creephedge Lane, Rettendon, Essex, CM3 8ET
Adm:  TBA
Times: 10.00-17.00.hrs
Contact: Alison Wheatley
Tel: 01702 826599

11th & 12th August 2018
Accrington Bonsai Society Show
Barton Grange Garden Centre
Garstand Road,
Brock Preston, PR3 5AA
Tel: 01995 642900
25th - 27th August 2018
Wirral Bonsai Main Show
Gordale Garden Centre
Chester High Road
South Wirral, CH64 8TF
Admission: Free
Open Times: 9.30-17.30 / 10.00-16.30 / 9.30-16.00hrs
Contact: Andy Hardman
Tel: 07513953646

9th September 2018
Bonsai In THe Park
Lupton House
Churston Ferrers
Devon, TQ5 LD
Admission & Times TBA

9th September 2018 
East Anglian Bonsai Show
Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Twelve Acre Approach
Suffolk, IP5 1JF
Admission: TBA
Open Times: 10.30-16.00hrs
Contact: Dave FRyer
Tel: 07749 801297

14-16th Sep 2018
Greenwood Bonsai Bash Show
Ollerton, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8PR.
Entry: Free 1000-1700.hrs
Contact: Corin Tomlinson
Tel: 0115 9205757
Email: office&

23rd September 2018
Autumn Shohin Exhibition & Car Boot Sale
Markham Grange Nursery
Long Lands Lane
Doncaster, DN5 7XB
Open Times: 10.00-15.30hrs
Contact: Daryl Harris
Tel: 07821192947

21st October 2018
Heathrow Bonsai Show
Harlington Sports Centre, Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middlesex, UB3 1PB
Adm: £3 children-12 free
Times: 10.00-16.00.hrs
Contact: Mark Moreland
Tel: 07850 771201

28th October 2018
Bonsai Traders Association

Doncaster Deaf Trust
Leger Way
Doncaster, DN2 6AY
Admission; Free
Open Times: 10.00-16.00hrs
Contact: Corin Tomlinson
Tel: 01159 205757

4th November 2018
Stourbridge Bonsai Society Show

The Bonded Warehouse,
Canal Street,
Stourbridge, DY8 4LU
Admission; £1.00
Open Times: 10.00am
Contact: Rod White

Please check info before travelling any great distance

To add or change any details please contact
Mark Moreland
Tel: 07850 771201 or
2019 Show Dates

24th February 2019

Swindon Bonsai Society Winter Image Show
Stratton Leisure Centre, Grange Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 4JY
Adm: £5  10.00-16.00.hrs
Contact: Paul Bowerbank
Tel: 07982 401103

23rd - 24th March 2019
Sutton Bonsai Club
Wisley Gardens, Wisley Lane, Wisley, Surrey, GU23 6QB
Adm: TBA   10.00-16.30.hrs
Contact: Andy Jordan
Tel: 07958 372101

7th April 2019
Expo Bonsai UK
Harlington Sports Centre, Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middlesex, UB3 1PB
Adm: £5   10.00-16.00.hrs
Contact: Mark Moreland
Tel: 07850 771201

12th May 2019
Surrey Heath Bonsai Show
Lord Pirbright Hall, The Green, Pirbright, Surrey. GU24 0JE.
Adm £2/£1 1000-1600.hrs
Contact: Chris Rhodes
Tel: 01276 20893

19th May 2019
Middlesex Bonsai Show
Woodford Hall, Poplars Close, Ruislip,
Middlesex.HA4 7BU.
Adm: £2 1030-1545.hrs
Contact: Roger Gibbs
Tel: 07542 594557

9th June 2019 
Bonai South West Show.
The Pavilion, The Esplanade,
Exmouth.EX8 2AZ.
Adm: £2.50. 1000-1630.hrs
Contact: Brian Mackichan
Tel: 01392 437525

6&7th July 2019
Chichester Bonsai Club Show
Manor Nursery, Pagham Road, Runcton,
Chichester. PO20 1LJ.
£ FREE  1000-1700 & 1000-1500.hrs
Contact: Frank Weaver
Tel: 01243 586195

20th October 2019
Heathrow Bonsai Show
Harlington Sports Centre,
Pinkwell Lane,
Middlesex. UB3 1PB.
Adm: £3 Children -12 FREE   1000-1600.hrs
Contact: Mark Moreland
Tel: 07850 771201

2020 Show Dates

14th June 2020
Bonai South West Show.
The Pavilion, The Esplanade,
Exmouth.EX8 2AZ.
Adm: £2.50. 1000-1630.hrs
Contact: Brian Mackichan
Tel: 01392 437525

4th - 5th July 2020
Chichester Bonsai Club Show
Manor Nursery, Pagham Road, Runcton,
Chichester. PO20 1LJ.
£ FREE  1000-1700 & 1000-1500.hrs
Contact: Frank Weaver
Tel: 01243 586195

Please check info before travelling any great distance
To add or change any details please contact
Mark Tel: 07850.771201 or

Stourbridge Bonsai Society Show

The Show will take place at the Bonded Warehouse, Canal Street, Stourbridge, DY8 4LU, on the 4th November 2018 commencing at 10.00am.

Exhibition of Members trees.
Two "Introduction To Bonsai" talks by Corin Tomlinson, together with on-going styling of an established bonsai.
Trade Stands.
Bring & Buy Tables (Charge of £5.00 per table)
Tombola Stand
Free Parking
£1.00 Admission
Society Programmes 2018
Send your society programmes to to have them included in the next edition.
Ambion Bonsai Club - Programme 2018
31st May
28th June
26th July
30th August
27th September
25th October
29th November
Members Tree Competition
Members BBQ
Neil Kenney - Maples Myth Busting
Mark Skann - Critique of members trees
Autumn Show
AGM and Christmas Party
Midland Bonsai Society - Programme 2018
7th June 
5th July
2nd August  
6th September 
4th October 
1st November  
6th December
Workshop     Satsuki Azaleas
Malcolm Hughes - Show winners and second place trees
Workshop Accent plants and bonsai stands
Corin Tomlinson - Your favourite tree
Video Presentation     Autumn colour
Member’s Forum     Pines
A . G . M. & Social with Photo Display     Any Tree
Southend Bonsai Society - Programme 2018
10th June
21st June
19th July
1-5th August
16th August
8-9th September
20th September
18th October
21st October
15th November
13th December
Display at the Japanese Auto Matsuri Show
Marguerita Wilson - Talk on Bee Keeping 
Steve McKee - Cultivating and displaying accent plants
Display at RHS Hyde Hall
Workshop - Tree Styling
Display at East Anglia Bonsai Society Show
Melanie Collins - Talk on Hostas
Workshop - Focus on Pines
Display at Heathrow Bonsai Show
Workshop - Preparing trees for winter
Christmas Dinner
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