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         Committee Membership

Following the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Sunday, 2nd May 2010, the meeting formally approved the ratification of the Interim Committee which had been appointed following the Annual General Meeting of October last.

The current committee comprises the following individuals together with their areas of responsibility:


Malcolm Hughes

Role is to preside over meetings and to represent FoBBS at bonsai events. Also the U.K. delegate to the European Bonsai Association.

Vice Chairman:

Keith Wilson

Role will be to deputize for the Chairman when necessary.

Company Secretary:

Denise Baum Pick

Liaises directly with Companies House on matters of administration and finance.  Also responsible for annual returns and membership/insurance.   Retains the role of co-ordinator for R.H.S.Shows involving bonsai.

General Secretary:

Judith Davison*

Assisting with specific aspects of events incl. planning and implementation.


Denise Baum-Pick

Deals in all aspects of financial matters on behalf of FoBBS, finalising accounts and appointing auditors.


Keith Wilson

Liaising with ‘Bonsai Focus', promoting FoBBS and society activities and submitting reports of events for the website and bonsai publications.


David Cheshire*

Involved in establishing regional representation for societies.

‘New Talent'

Peter Fielding*

Setting up ‘New Talent' competitions on a regional basis; acquisition of material and selection of judges.

Co-opted member:

Barry Walker

Chairman, Friends of the National Bonsai Collection. Takes the role of minute secretary at Committee meetings

Web Master:

Nigel Wright

Has been responsible for creating the new FoBBS website and continues to maintain and update it.


Kath Hughes

Non-committee role; primarily involved in generating and disseminating information, including the events diary. Is also a central point of communication for FoBBS.

* The above individuals have all expressed a willingness to act as Regional representatives for an area that encompass a number of societies, including their own.

They would be a point of contact for those societies concerning a range of matters, including bringing together those societies which to combine in a venture e.g. putting on a bonsai event.


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