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Work in Progress at The National Bonsai Collection

Earlier this year the team of volunteers from the Midland region who work regularly to keep the National Bonsai Collection in pristine condition decided that the Juniper group, donated many, many years ago to the collection by the late Bill Horan, first secretary to the Federation, had grown too large to be vulnerable to theft it is now in a tray of over 5 feet in length, so it was time to make it a feature in the outside space.


However it was still unfortunately vulnerable to the fingers of the thousands of schoolchildren in the groups that regularly visit the Collection in the course of the year. Thus The Botanical Gardens requested a protective fence the volunteers got together, plans were made and a fence built off site. This last week at the end of June the fence was erected.


I hope you join us in thinking that this is a job well done, a first stage in providing protection but allowing visitors closer to the trees.

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