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Bonsai World 2015, K2 Crawley

Sussex 8 - 9 August

An excellent Exhibition, blessed by superb weather. Bonsai World goes from strength to strength. Sussex Bonsai Group did a first class job in staging this Show; they may have had hurdles to jump at the start of their planning, suffering from the sad loss of Ray Ward, the prime mover for this event. However they more than made up for the lost time to produce the best show yet; the standard has improved each time and now reaches a truly international level. A very good variety of trees and displays with many excellent individual and society displays with the new innovation of a display of suiseki from the newly formed British Suiseki Society.

There were some very well deserved awards, with a choice that must have made judging very difficult. The judging was done by German Gomez, Peter Warren and Ian Cuppleditch; presentations were made by Ken Norman, President of the Sussex Bonsai Group. If there was to be any criticism to be given and hopefully this will be taken in the helpful way it is intended, some of the societies were too anxious to please their members and in some cases overcrowded their stands using trees they perhaps would been better to have waited a little longer to develop.

There are many thanks to be made following this highly successful weekend. First and foremost, to Andrew Ford and his team from Sussex Bonsai group with manpower and help also from Crawley Bonsai Society. Next to the demonstrators, Kevin Willson, German Gomez, Paul Finch and Amnon Paldi, who willingly and freely gave of their times and skills to ensure the success of this event.

Thanks the go to the traders for their support, the sponsors for their financial support, to FoBBS and Mark and Ming Moreland for the loan of their backdrops and signs and of course to all the exhibitors, without whose support there could not be a show at all.

Exhibition area as seen from above with the
Sussex Bonsai Group display as a central feature

Part of the trade area

Sussex Bonsai Group tokonoma display

‘Best in Show’ – Taxus baccata

                    ‘Best Large Tree’: Blackthorn

‘Best Group Planting’: Zelcova serrata

       ‘Best Shohin Display’: Juniperus chinensis

‘Best Society Display’

Prize winners: David Green, Sutton Bonsai Society and Chrissie Leigh-Walker

Kevin Willson at work
German Gomez’s demonstration tree.
The Prize Winners
1. ‘Best in Show’: David Green 5. ‘Best Group Planting’: Ken & Ann Norman
2. ‘Best Society Display’: Sutton Bonsai Society 6. ‘Best Shohin’: John Armitage
3. ‘Best Individual Display’: Chrissie Leigh-Walker 7. ‘Best Mame: Les Storey
4. ‘Best Large Tree’: John Pitt 8. ‘Best Suiseki: Amnon Paldi

Hyper Japan Festival O2 Arena

London, July 10th - 12th. 2015

Congratulations and thanks should go to members of three local Bonsai Societies from the South East Region who staged this show on behalf of FoBBS. It was a sizeable display at 10 x 6 meters.

As a trader had to withdraw at the last minute, changes had to made to the design and more trees were added to the stand together with a demonstration area.

Working on trees proved very productive and there was a lot more interaction with the public. There were of course all the inevitable questions about the age of the tree, and where to obtain ‘ Bonsai seed’, and how long do you leave the wire on? But the quote of the weekend was:- “There are no leaves on the middle Bonsai.”

Answer: “No, that is because it is a stone”. A ‘suiseki ‘ would have left them more confused.
(See main picture at top)

Mark and Ming Moreland from Middlesex Bonsai dress for the part

Peter Liess, the organiser of this exhibition from Sussex Bonsai, would like to thank all those below for their hard work and long hours over the four days of the Show. They are sure that as a result a lot of people learned rather more about bonsai but I think all had a lot off enjoyment from the show.


Chris Durne (Bonsai Kai), Mark & Ming (Moreland Middlesex Society), Glenda Liess and Ray Brunston, (Sussex Bonsai Group).

‘Bonsai News U.K.’

For a number of years, the late Paul Goff distributed to British bonsai enthusiasts a monthly publication entitled ‘Bonsai Review’. In it were listed the forthcoming meetings and events being put on by the bonsai societies who passed this information on to Paul.

Since his untimely death late last year, there have been no more ‘Bonsai Reviews’. Following a number of enquires and requests, FoBBS has now decided to take on a similar publication entitled ‘Bonsai News U.K.’ It is hoped this will continue the legacy that Paul established with the ‘Review’. It and will go out with the monthly ‘Calendar of Events’ set up by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation. Whilst the Calendar is circulated electronically worldwide, the new ‘Bonsai News U.K.’ will only be distributed within the U.K.

Those bonsai societies wishing to send details of forthcoming monthly meetings or other events e.g. shows, please send all relevant details (to include society name, dates and venue together with a contact) to mkhughes567@btinternet.com   Please note this is a free service to FOBBS member clubs but to non member clubs there is a small charge. Pauls Bonsai Review was a personally funded enterprise by Bonsai Presentations, the name under which he traded.

This email publication is a service to FOBBS and its members.  Click here to see the first edition.

Malcolm Hughes

Bonsai Boot Sale

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